It’s almost spring! Do you need exterior painting?

Spring is coming!

What the harsh winter means for homeowners: There is no denying, this has been a tough Michigan winter. The evidence is pulling apart our sidewalks and streets. Some may be noticing the toll the ice has taken on the gutters, paint and wood of our homes. As the long awaited thaw of winter begins, often-new projects are discovered and the lists begin to be made. Now is the perfect time to think about sprucing … Continue reading

Professional House Painting: How to tips from professional painters.

Proper taping "masking" will protect your home from stray paint!

Professional Painters can make mistakes too – but we usually catch them on drop cloths!  Introduction to interior painting:  In this blog I’m going to share the most common interior painting problems I’ve discovered during my training, and how thorough prep work and quality paint can prevent them.   Painting Job Problem 1: Blocking The first is blocking, or when two separate painted surfaces stick to each other when they are pressed together, like a door sticking … Continue reading

Front door facelift: bold entryways.

Leapfrog green door

One of the simplest ways to give your exterior a quick facelift is to change up your front door color. Having a bold door color is not only eye catching, but it also gives your house some distinguished personality. You’re entry way is a high traffic point, so often it needs to be repainted more than other areas of your interior or exterior. Many homeowners find it easy to express their personality with their … Continue reading

DIY Washtenaw: Overview of the interior painting process.

color selection

‘Tis the Season to be interior painting It’s a new season and time for new colors! Whether you want a fresh look, touch ups over damage from kids and pets, or the removal of that old, flowery wallpaper (finally!), there are several key factors to remember. If you’re considering painting your own house rather than hiring a professional painter, a good plan and proper materials will ensure your project is successful. Schedule Do you … Continue reading

Planning for Spring painting projects in 2014!

deck in winter season

Project planning for spring 2014  As old man winter sweeps in and we dive into our winter hidey-holes, our minds begin to yearn for spring. It may only be November and the summer heat not too far gone from our memories, but as soon as that first snow hits Michiganders everywhere have images of sugar plums and summer fun dancing in their heads. The winter months are a perfect time to plan ahead for … Continue reading

Recycling your left over paint and paint cans!

re blended paint

What to do with all those empty paint cans and leftover paint: At the end of every paint job, there is plenty to be recycled and properly disposed of. Modern paint tech allows for the safe disposal and recycling of most latex/water based paints with a low environmental impact. It’s always important to remember the three “R’s” when using any type of HHW (house hold hazardous wastes) paint; paint thinner stain and other materials … Continue reading

Home for the Holidays: Free estimates for pre-holiday painting!

 Interior Painting for the holidays… Thanksgiving is almost here – which means the rest of the winter holidays are just around the corner. For many of us this means we’ll have visitors. During the holidays the décor really sets the mood for the season. The most cost effective way to give your home a face-lift is with interior painting. I know, you’re sitting there thinking, “the holidays are just a couple weeks away, I am … Continue reading

The importance of deck maintenance


As a professional painting company one of the things that we run into most frequently is stain failure. Now being Michigan based, this really isn’t surprising.  The constant change in Michigan weather brings with it a higher instance of stain failure. Moisture, changes in humidity, cold harsh winter freezes and thaws all can ruin an improperly prepped and stained surface in just one winter.  We often get asked about which stain is “best” for … Continue reading

Winter is Coming: The truth about cold weather painting.

cold weather paint

Many homeowners are trying to squeeze in end-of-the-season exterior jobs, and many ask the same question: “Is it too cold to paint?” Our reply is – not quite yet! Freezing temperatures were once an absolute threshold under which no paint or stain should be applied to any home. Traditional paint can be applied with zero impact on longevity on standard paint work as long as temperatures are consistently above 40°F. Are you thinking of … Continue reading

Matching made Easy!


Learning to match is a lifelong skill; it’s something that grows with us but gets better with practice. Style advisers and paint stores have created a wide repertoire of paint options that paralyze the average buyer with different hues of the same color green. Knowing what color paint produced what color is a skill that is has become a career. What is not learned, but rather is instinctual, is the effect you want to … Continue reading